Monday, February 20, 2006

Hey you!

Yes YOU! Do you still have this on your bloglines?

If so go re-subscribe to where I am now!

Okay? :)

Friday, February 03, 2006

I'm so proud to present.....

My new home!

Please do me a favor and do two things. Go over and say hello, let me know you can comment, tell me how much you love my new site and then make sure to hit the subscribe feed so you can keep up with all of my knitty goodness. I don't want to lose anyone in the transition! Go on! Go look dangit.

I've had this design in my head for such a long time it's really exciting to see it come to fruition. With the amazing help of Noelle it's finally up and running. There are a few things to tweak, especially for anyone who still uses IE. (Go and get Mozilla!) Just ignore any weirdness you might see. That'll be fixed as time goes on. For now, I'm live baybee!

I'll send a few e-mails out but for anyone who has me in KAL or anything like that can you change my URL to this new one please?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I should win an award

for the most fraternal pair of Jaywalkers out there. Cara & Kathy? Don't you think? I mean, of course they are different sizes and the one I just finished used smaller needles for the ribbing. But dayum! That's some pooling if I've ever seen it! This second sock fits perfectly. I still altered the pattern with the toe decrease and the number of stitches I used in the graft. Otherwise, 76 stitches on size 2.5mm worked like a charm. Aren't they lovely? *snork* Actually, they are super comfy and will be great house sockies/slippers. Click to see a bit better.

Here I am running away from this pattern! Although. You know what? Now that I got the gauge down I'm super tempted to use my other skein of Socks That Rock to make another pair. Somebody stop me! Or maybe I'll just do one of those simply patterns I posted yesterday?

Anyway, I'l be at the shop tomorrow from 10-3 if anyone wants to come visit. I'm off to decide what my next project will be. Because you know, I can not sit here and watch TV without knitting! The horrors!

Kid in a Candy Shop?

Is it wrong to join a group just because I like the button? I saw this on Margene's blog this morning and was completely hypnotized into joining. "Seeee these pretty colors???? Come and beeeeee a part!" Plus, Lolly is so damn sweet and cute I'd probably join anything she organized. She also left me a comment the other day inviting me to take part. I think it's a really cool idea too. I'm a total sucker for colors.

Time to get dressed and hit Village Wools with Mona and our girls to pick out my yarn for Odessa. Come on now. Who else is doing this with me?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Let's pretend you're my super secret recipient of the socks I'm going to make for Sockapalooza. Which one of these Interweave socks would you like the best? Click to see them better and then vote!

Which socks should I make???
web socks
pgr dream socks
pair of socks
broken cabled rib
Free polls from

Maybe do me a favor too and comment and tell me why you chose what you did. Also, if you have made any of these let me know too. I'm hoping my experience with this is a little bit smoother than the Jaywalkaholic trauma. Thanks Knitster friends! purty!

This was what I wanted to make for the Knitting Olympics! I'm so excited that Grumperina got it up at MagKnits so quickly. I'm all over this one. So much so in fact I'm starting one more team.

Who wants to do a KAL with me? I've never knit with beads before and with how busy crazy my life is, this truly will be a challenge for me. So don't give me any crap about it being too easy. M'kay?

Now I'm so excited about the Olympics!

**Edited to add - if you want to join an Odessa KAL go on over here or here!